moggy the blind mum

Omg I ❤️ You Mildred you know who I am

Mildreds guinea pigs

this post is a tribute to moggy.she got eaten by tom yom my cat by the way i most likely be crying by the and of the post. Wen Moggy got born 1 of her siblings dyed (she was in a litter of 4).moggy was the healthiest out of thee then one more dyed. Ok i will admit that I’m crying any way 3 months went by and a woke up one morning a found red backs in the cage and i got all of the guinea pigs out of the cage but moggy eventually i got her Immediately I started crying .wen i pick up moggy i realised she had blood all over her eye so i gave her to mum , eventuality i got all of the red backs out of the cage so i had to go get moggy and mum sed that her eye wasn’t ther…

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